About me

Those that know me call me 'Martin'. Those that know me well call me 'Mod'.

If you ask what kind of a man he is, he answers that he lives content with his own small fortune. Bred a scholar, he makes his learning subservient only to the cause of truth. This you will learn from his writings, which will show you everything else concerning him, with greater truth, than the suspect praises of a website home page. His virtues, indeed, if he had any, are too little for him to propose as matter of praise to himself, or as an example to you. Let his vices be buried with him. Adapted from John Locke's epitaph


The first program I wrote was in BASIC on the Commodore 64 in 1986. By 1990 I had written a variety of text based games and quizzes. By 1996 I had progressed to Pascal before moving to C++ in 1998. But then I discovered web-based programming with Perl and PHP and a lifelong relationship began.

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Here you may find some of the many things I have decided to write over the last 15 years.


Martin Kijko

25 South Lonsdale Street


M32 0JE



Martin is a Microsoft Certified professional, a former UAT tester and technical support specialist with a keen passion for understanding and resolving software problems. Martin has a wide range of experience both professionally and personally.


September 2015 – Present

Support Engineer / Third Line Support


  • Assisting 1st and 2nd line Support in their investigations

  • Working with senior Account Managers to resolve urgent issues affecting ResponseTap's largest customers.

  • Liaising with the heads of Product and Development to discuss needed changes, and to consult on impacts relating to customer experience and the inhibition of customer churn.

  • Meeting with Infrastructure team to discuss problems and potential solutions with short and long term infrastructure requirements.

  • Writing complex SQL queries to generate custom reports, manage telephone number stock and database level account management.

  • Developed a web-based application using in-house REST API to enable the Technical Support and Sales teams to perform custom account configurations that could otherwise take hours at a time.

  • Defined ResponseTap's API Schema to OpenAPI specifications to improve the utility, speed, scalability and accuracy of the API documentation.

  • Creating documentation both internal and customer facing for ResponseTap's features.

  • Training new and existing staff in the system and the database structure

  • Developed a web-based training system.

  • Contacting Telcos to discuss and resolve problems that arise outside of the ResponseTap system.

  • Key role in the migration of the ticketing system to SalesForce

  • Linux webserver management





March 2014 – September 2015

Web Support Analyst

  • Providing support for the company’s products and services directly to end-user customers, sales partners, agencies and colleagues.

  • Working closely with colleagues in the Technical Support Team, and others across the business.

  • Conducting investigation of incidents and requests, and providing information, work-arounds and software (where appropriate), to resolve.

  • Managing, co-ordinating and disseminating technical information to affected parties.

  • Maintaining an awareness of all the Company products, services and activities.

  • Ensuring that all quality procedures and guidelines are adhered to and suitably maintained.

  • Debugging a diverse range of customer's websites - suggesting changes to JavaScript, server side technologies, HTML or CSS. In addition, the role requires debugging telephony issues through SIP trace analysis and Asterisk call log data analysis.

    Additional Duties:
    Head of cancellations: communicating with the customer and account managers during cancellation process and providing reports to senior management regarding trends.
    Defect reporting
    Internal Documentation


Other skills and interests

Technologies: YAML/JSON, OpenAPI, CSS, HTML, SQL, Linux, Git, ProdPad, JIRA


Programming Languages: PHP, JavaScript



Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator


I completed 2/3 of my degree in Media Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University and am currently studying for an Open degree (BSc) at Open University.


3 A-levels (Mathematics, Physics and Computing) and 11 GCSEs including English (B), Mathematics (C) and 3 Sciences (C Physics, C Biology, B Chemistry)